MARCH 6, 2020
In attendance: Rick Hughes, Dale Hamilton, Kimberlee Adams, Sharon O’Sullivan, Del Ashkewe.
1. Motion to Convene: Moved by Sharon, seconded by Kimberlee. All in favour.
2. Kimberlee moved to accept agenda, seconded by Dale. All in favour.
3. Minutes of last meeting (Nov. 8, 2019) moved to accept by Sharon, seconded by Del. All in favour.
4. Treasurer’s Report: Dale reported that the balance is $1,037.43. Rick added that CRA has confirmed that we need to retain records for 6 years.
5. Water Lily Project: still intends to carry it out, but no progress, still waiting to meet with Cape Croker.
6. Dufferin Seniors’ Project: Met in the fall, not over the winter due to weather and illness.
7. Boxes/Archives: Dale has gone through her boxes, very little of interest and nothing within the last six years. All those who have boxes will bring them to the AGM in April. Rick reported that the Wellington Archives is interested in taking the boxes (except any financial material) and have asked that we not cull anything and then they will return anything not of interest to them. Moved by Kimberlee and seconded by Dale that the board of directors approves the disposition of inactive RLA archival records to the Wellington County Museum. All in favour.
8. AGM: Dale will send the Notice to members tonight by email (giving 20 business days notice) for Friday April 3rd at 11am, location TBD (either in Honeywood or in Guelph/Eramosa Township) Moved by Kimberlee, seconded by Sharon. All in favour.
9. The Future of RLA: Rick outlined the process for RLA to dissolve, which would involve donating funds to another charity and keeping two years of records. Sharon suggested that if RLA does dissolve, that an RLA Alumni Association be established (informal, networking, kitchen table meetings, Folk Schools). This will be discussed further at the AGM.
10. Adjournment moved by Sharon. All in favour.

In Attendance: Kimberlee Adams, Del Ashkewe, Dale Hamilton, Rick Hughes, Sharon O’Sullivan.
1. Moved to convene: Kimberlee Adams. All in favour.
2. Moved to accept agenda: Sharon, seconded by Del. All in favour.
3. Review of Minutes: moved by Dale to amend minutes to add “approximately” before the figure “$400”. Acceptance of amended minutes: moved by Dale, seconded by Kimberlee. All in favour.
4. Financial Update: by Rick
o CRA report filed on time (and accepted).
o Revenue just covered operating expenses in past fiscal year. See Financial Report submitted by Rick.
o Postal box in Guelph closed and mail successfully being redirected to 106 York St., Eden Mills.
o Annual expenditures approx. $200, now that there’s no postal box fee.
o Membership fees paid by: Del, Sharon, Kimberlee, Dale & Rick ($10 each. $50 total). Several other membership fees enroute from Liz Cockburn.
5. Other Updates: (acceptance of these updates moved by Sharon, seconded by Kimberlee)
o Del: trying to start a canoe trip that would circumvent and define the national homeland of the Ojibwa. These borders were and are defined by waterways. Wants to involve neighbouring First Nations. Looking for the loan of canoes. Needs one ceremonial canoe (no metal - bark, cedar, spruce root, etc.) Needs to organize stops and accompanying ceremonies and billeting. Team of canoeists will be trained. Their priority is education of Indigenous people re homeland border, then outside people. RLA could help with promoting it.
o Dale: Family farm has been purchased by a woman who has the same intentions as Dale and her brother Mark, as per Eramosa Rural Learning (ERL) Prospectus, which was circulated to RLA membership. RLA could be invited to become a partner in some capacity at some point in the future.
6. Election of Officers: Incumbents acclaimed unanimously
Officers: moved to accept the slate of candidates: Sharon, seconded Kimberlee. All in favour.
o President: Rick
o Secretary/Treasurer: Dale
7. Signing Authorities: moved by Kimberlee, seconded by Del and all in favour that the signing authorities be as follows: Rick Hughes, Dale Hamilton and Sharon O’Sullivan (2 of 3 required).
8. New Business:
o Honeywood Centre for Peace: Rural Seniors Facing Isolation in North Dufferin County proposal submitted by Kimberlee Adams, Rekha Sharma and Elizabeth Cockburn. See attached proposal. Moved by Sharon, seconded by Dale that the RLA is willing to accept the Honeywood Centre for Peace’s Rural Dufferin Seniors’ initiative as an RLA project, which is in keeping with the mandate of the RLA.  Motion carried.
o Folk School: Wendolin Galatiano is suggesting that RLA undertake a Folk School on Indigenous issues and invite a broad-base of participants. Moved by Dale and seconded by Kimberlee that the RLA endorses this idea in principal and that Del and Sharon will look for possible inclusion of this idea in the Unity Project. All in favour.
9. Next Meetings: (moved by Del, seconded by Sharon, all in favour)
Directors’ Meeting: at the call of the chair.
Membership Meeting: September 22, 2019, with time and location TBD.
10: Adjournment: Moved by Del. All in favour.



Our AGM was held in Eden Mills on October 15 2017. Minutes are available upon request. The election of officers was held and we are delighted to welcome Rick Hughes as our new president and Maya LaRose as our new secretarty/treasurer. Rick is the former mayor of Eramosa Township and lives in Rockwood. Maya is an Algonquin knowledge-keeper and co-owns a family business in Rockwood (Goodfellows Cafe). Sharon O'Sullivan returns as a board member, as does Del Ashkewe. Sharon is a rural health worker and Del is a Potawatomi fire-keeper and artist. They both live near Arthur.
And many thanks to our outgoing directors!

Call for Submissions: Rural Learning Association Logo
We need an eye-catching logo for ongoing use in print and online promotional material. An honorarium of $100 will be granted to the chosen artist.
Submission Requirements:  

  • Open to all artists within or outside of Ontario.
  • Logo should reflect RLA objectives
  • Logo should look great in colour and grayscale.

The creator of the selected logo idea will be asked to grant the Rural Learning Association unlimited rights to use the logo for its use in any form of promotion or advertising. The RLA may elect to make slight digital modifications to the original idea in the creation of the final artwork. For the purposes of acknowledgment, the original artist would continue to be deemed the original creator of the logo.

Electronic submissions to:
Please submit jpeg images, 300 dpi, not less than 1800 pixels in each direction. 
Email to: rla@rurallearning.ca

Hard copy submissions to:

PO Box 1588,
Guelph, ON N1H 6R7

Deadline: July 1, 2020


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